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Koi Nobori A4

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How many people are at home? 3, 4, 5... Choose Koinobori artprint you want according to your family members.
On May 5 in Japan is celebrated "Children's Day". It is tradition that families who have children place on the roofs of their houses spectacular kites called KoiNobori. KoiNobori are a symbol of protection and fly from a mast like a flag to simulate movement carp in water.
The biggest black carp represents the father, followed by a somewhat smaller red (or pink)is the mother, and then following each of the children, from oldest to youngest.

It's nice to play with your child to identify who is who "This is dad, mom, my brother and... me!!!"

Printed in 350mg paper A4, signed and numerated. (Ikea frame not included)

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